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Deficiency and Charged Off Motor Vehicle Accounts

  • Deficiency Accounts are contract deficiency balances due after retaking/repossession of "security interest"

  • Charged Off Accounts are contract balances due normally without retaking/repossession of "security interest"

  • Full Documentation at referral important- Contract; Credit Application; Notice of Repossession; Explanation of Deficiency; Financial statement of account through deficiency

  • Fees contingent upon recovery (plus court costs only)

  • Court costs recovered before any fee taken (case by case)

  • Full reporting and timely & detailed remittances

  • All accounts reviewed for "suit worthiness" prior to litigation

  • All judgments "active" with the Firm are renewed timely

  • All Judgments worked and reworked regularly and pro-actively to collection or other resolution

  • Bankrupt accounts - we offer a proof of claim filing and monitoring service for no additional fee

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