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Automotive Finance Recovery and Collections

Seidberg Law has provided "Legal" Recovery and Collection services to over 35 auto finance companies since 1988.


WHAT does "Legal" mean?

 It means outsourcing auto finance charge offs and deficiency accounts to law firms, not collection agencies for recovery and collections.

WHY is this important?

Short answer =

  • An outsourcing strategy is critical for every auto finance company to have in order to maximize recovery of bad debt.

  • Outsourcing to the "right" law firm(s) is a critical part of that strategy and failure to include this will leave substantial amounts of money unrecovered.

  • Law firms have the same tools as agencies but only law firms litigate; they don't just ask for money, they compel recovery.

  • Law firms that concentrate in auto finance company recoveries Seidberg Law, collect [Net] substantially more than any other third party agency... Litigation being key.

  • Seidberg Law Offices over nearly three (3) decades has earned a reputation for excellence in auto finance collection performance and compliance [Awards].

  • Seidberg Law's legal recovery services provide a broad range of related services that only a licensed and dedicated law firm can provide and at contingency and flat fee rates.

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